The Big Void In The Land Of Illusion

This project starts from a personal life experience. This is certainly the creative outburst of ambulant salesman who loves the creative exchange in a world where you need to defend with your claws any form of expression that could obfuscate the image of somebody else. The carpets are the result of a model house for a Chinese client. This Starhouse was done for a fair during the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. I looked for a Historical atmosphere where the western world wants to meet the oriental with all that cultural deepness that give to our house a certain uniqueness. The western world prefers to forget the Opium war and wants to sell. While China is coming out of a period of rigidity and looks in luxury a win win reality. The fascination is the research of this paradigm and the intensity that could offer a productive dialogue. The jewels were conceived from the garbage of the Campana products as a gift to Roberta Bini. When Ettore Sottsass noticed them he congratulated the lady and I decided to make a brand out of it. Roberta became the creative partner since she don’t belong to mechanism.