Il marchio SH nasce nel 2001
dalla collaborazione di
Stephan Hamel e Roberta Bini.


This experiment started with garbage of the Campana furniture! The collection is always moving on.

“Ritratto di donna” Anthonis Van Dych 1618

Think of a 16th century portrait of a coutier darkly clad, with her pale features separated as it were from her body by the beauteous intricacies of her ruff. Think of the delicate membranes of a pomegranate that veil the polished sheen of the seeds within. Think of the feeling of compressed felt, cool plastic, and smooth gems. This is the jewellery of SH; contemporary collars that define the face in a highly ritualised fashion. Closed with intricate claps, his pieces are ripe with references to history and to nature, but yet are made modern in their choice of materials.


Ilse Crawford