Stephan Hamel is an international design consultant with twenty years experience of the industry working with furniture and interior brands working across residential and commercial. He is a communicator and a strategic commercial head, using his understanding of cultural shifts, and what makes the industry tick. Hamel is renowned for his ability to create experience, bringing together the right designers to move a company into the limelight and sell product.

His address book covers the top name designers internationally, quality title press and influencers across territories. Apart from his extensive network in Europe, USA, Australia, Stephan has particular experience in the Asian and Brazilian markets. He is fluent in five languages and keenly attuned to doing business in diverse cultures.

Stephan Hamel was born in Bangkok in 1962, with an Austrian Diplomat father and a Tuscan mother. He studied between Vienna and Milan and holds a PhdD titled 'The Banco Ambrosiano a Financial Tool of Underground Politics'. Hamel was integral to the launch of the Edra brand, taking it from an unheard company to an internationally successful and cult brand. With over a decade experience with Cerruti Baleri, he is experienced in all areas of running an international furniture company; its markets, agents and audiences. Over this period, he brought on board designers such as Fabio Novembre, Ilse Crawford, Marcel Wanders, Maurizio Galante and many others.

Lasvit a Czech glass and light company started to rise in precedence, due to the collaboration between Stephan and the President Leon Jakimic, who gave him his full trust. Stephan introduced Maxim Velchosvky, who became Art Director and several designers as diverse as Marteen Baas, Arik Levy, Nendo, Michael Young, Borek Sipek. Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus, and Lucie Moldova. It’s not by chance that this has coincided with the resurgence in Czech design production and industry, but thanks to this understanding of Czech culture through Lasvit’s renewed celebration of glass and craftsmanship.

His direction as Brand Catalyst extends to Vibram, the world leader of iconic rubber soles, which are used extensively across the safety and service industry, mountain and climbing sports, through to apparel and fashion. In this role, Hamel introduced strategic partners to develop a project working towards a circular economy using Vibram off cuts to develop a rubber ‘terrazzo’ material becoming a totally new and highly desirable material, which has been used in luxury fashion apparel.

Other Vibram partners included the Campana Brothers to design a flip flop that cleverly connected closely to their Brazilian culture, whilst providing a highly practical high performance shoe, with the Vibram brand at the core of the detailing. And, sought after Viennese fashion designer Arthur Arbesser who reference the Vibram Fivefingers but translated into haute couture come street style footwear. As Hamel sees it, soles are the grounding for all of our lives.

Fontana Etruria is the first edition realised in 2015 by Stephan Hamel with Fernando and Humberto Campana. The monumental marble fountains reflect Stephan’s roots in Pietrasanta. ZITANPIXEL is the rug collection developed in April 2016 focusing on a new nomadic society.

Stephan Hamel
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